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Suppliers of Tropical and Cold Water Fish

Call Us on 01277 295488

Wholesale Suppliers of Tropical and Coldwater Fish in Brentwood, Essex

Formally trading under the name of ‘Starline Aquatics’, we have been supplying you with wholesale options of tropical and coldwater fish for more than 30 years. Our wholesale service is paired with regular emails of our stock, and we even have weekly deliveries going out across the South East of England from our aquatic centre in Brentwood, Essex.

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Creating an account with us comes with some brilliant perks. From being able to source fish from as far away as Singapore, to discounts on large orders, there’s a lot you can take advantage of. We welcome anyone who wants to create an account with us, subject to the appropriate credit checks.

Brentwood Aquatics
Farringdon Garden Centre
Brentwood, Essex
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